RN Brand Ambassador Gabriele Piana

RN Brand Ambassador Gabriele Piana

“In modern motorsport everything is happening very quickly, differences between drivers are smaller than ever and competition is tougher. In such environment, being able to identify swiftly an area of improvement and determine the correct approach to enhance drivers’s performance is of utmost importance. Race Navigator gives me the opportunity to immediately have an overview of strong and weak points without having to use cumbersome systems. Just the Race Navigator and an iPad! As a coach, this gives me the ability to speed up the learning process of a customer, while as a driver I can make the most out of the limited testing time by focusing my efforts towards the area where I can gain the most! Race Navigator is a professional system that manages to be user friendly and accessible for anyone, once you try it there is no going back!”

Gabriele Piana

Profession: Race Driver, RN Vision STS Driver
Date of birth: 23. August 1986 in Biella, Italy
Motorsports since: 1994
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Motorsports achievements:

  • 2016 VLN, RCN, 24h Nürburgring, Porsche Super Sports Cup
  • 2015 VLN, RCN
  • 2014 VLN
  • 2013 Lotus Challenge Italy
  • 2012 Lotus Challenge Italy
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