The all-in-one video and analysis system

The RN ONE appeals to all sports car drivers and motorsport professionals who drive on race tracks and wish to be able to intuitively record and analyze their drives without the need for technical expertise. With its big touchscreen and compact and lightweight casing the RN ONE is a system designed for intuitive usage.

Two integrated cameras for track and cockpit recording render composite videos in HD quality. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are integrated. Compact design, brillian video quality, the possibility to attach a third Full-HD camera, CAN-Bus port and many other features make RN ONE the perfect tool for both ambitious amateurs and professional race drivers.

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The brand new RN ONE. More compact, more precise, faster.

The brand new RN ONE. More compact, more precise, faster.

RN ONE Videos

RN ONE Onboard-Composite-Video (2 Cameras) with data overlay

Unboxing of the new RN ONE



  • More drivers and cars can be selected, recorded and saved
  • Automatic track recognition. Addition of new tracks possible.
  • Saving of events, tracks, number of drives (stints) and laps is limited only by the storage capacity. Data transmission and saving on iPad possible.
  • Direct saving of composite videos onto USB stick possible

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RN ONE data recording and analysis


  • HD onboard video
  • Composite video recording of the track and driver in HD quality (flexible camera set-up) with displayed driving parameters

Driving parameters

  • Speed, times, acceleration and delay forces, centrifugal forces (lateral acceleration), position (GPS)
  • Rotational speed, temperature, gas pedal position (optional via ODB2 module RN PLUG)

Display options during the drive

  • Various screen modes selectable via touchscreen
  • Display of speed, lap times, rotational speed, temperatures, gas pedal position
  • Time gains and losses against reference lap

Analysis on the RN ONE

  • Quick comparison of two selected laps. Analysis based on track and speed
  • Playback of recorded videos

RN ONE set-up

  • Manual or automatic start of recording
  • Creation of driver profiles with portrait photos and cars
  • Event management
  • Manual or automatic set-up of the race track
  • Logo selection for display in composite videos
  • Date, time, time zone, video quality, microphone level, loudspeaker level
  • Wi-Fi for data exchange with iPad/smartphone and Internet access (e.g. for updates)

RN ONE scope of delivery


  • Compact, lightweight casing made of aluminum and carbon
  • Trackday Mode
  • Two cameras (HD and low-res) for track and cockpit recording
  • Wi-Fi for data exchange with iPad/smartphone and for Internet access (e.g. for updates)
  • Bluetooth for connecting the OBD2 port with the RN PLUG or other devices
  • Internal battery as back-up/recording time without external power supply up to max. 2 hours

Accessories (included in scope of delivery)

  • Windscreen holder with sucker
  • External GPS antenna
  • Power supply 12V car charging cable and 240V charger
  • Manual

Optional software modules RN Modes

RN Modes are software modules designed for specific requirements by which the RN ONE can be expanded as per individual needs. The available RN Modes are:

  • Endurance Mode
  • RCN Mode
  • Taxi Mode
  • Rallye Mode
  • Street Performance Mode (0 auf 100, delay)

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RN ONE User Manual

Here you can find always the latest version of the RN ONE User Manual.

Please read carefully before using the device.

To see how the RN ONE works live an individual Hands-on date is recommended.

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RN ONE User Manual


RN Analyzer App Manual

The free Race Navigator App RN Analyzer is an extended analysis tool for your data from the RN LITE, RN ONE and the RN PRO. With the app, you can transmit the data from your Race Navigator simply via Wi-Fi onto your iPad.

Here you can find the latest version of the user manual for the RN Analyzer App.
RN Analyzer Manual (4,1 MB) »RN Analyzer Handbuch


RN Connect App Manual

With the free Race Navigator App RN Connect you can download and watch videos from all your Race Navigators on the iPhone or iPad. With just a few steps you can share your videos on social networks.

Here you can find the latest version of the user manual for the RN Connect App.
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