More than just data recording

Our Race Navigator systems are not only perfect for recording and analyzing laps, but they also offer a set of unique additional features. These are especially useful for professional and semi-professional race events. Once you use the functions, you’ll never want to race without them anymore! The described features are included in the latest software updates for the respective devices or available optionally.

Pit Lane Monitor

Available: RN ONE MKII, RN PRO
Available optionally

Both the RN ONE and the RN PRO come with the Pit Lane Monitor feature. In many racing series, regulations dictate a minimum time for pit stops that racing teams must comply with. Leaving the pit lane too early will results in a penalty. At the same time, staying in the pit longer than required means the loss of precious seconds. Both can lead to loss of positions in the race. With the Pit Lane Monitor, it is possible to set automatic timers and achieve an optimum pit stop time. This unique feature does away with avoidable penalties due to bad timing during pit stops!

  • Pit lane minimum time, pit box to end line time and maximum pit lane speed can be set by the user.
  • Pit box countdown: The countdown is activated automatically and displayed when the car passed the pit lane entry line. The timer counts down to the optimum moment for leaving the pit box. Different colours at the 20 and 5 seconds marks warn the driver to prepare for leaving the pit box.
  • Time monitoring: After the car starts from the pit box, the gap compared to the minimum pit lane time will be displayed. Time gain means that the car will leave the pit lane too early, while time loss indicates a delayed exit. This allows the driver to correct his speed in the pit lane to achieve an optimum pit stop time.
  • Speed monitoring: The display automatically shows the current speed of the car in the pit lane. Different colours warn the driver when he is coming close to or exceeding the speed limit.
  • The system automatically detects entry and exit lines most tracks, manual corrections by the user are possible.

Mirror View

Available for: RN PRO

The RN PRO, combined with the Wi-Fi Dashboard, offers another unique feature that turns the display of the Race Navigator into a rear view camera. This is especially useful for racecars that offer a limited view due to their construction and the safety cell. Mirror View grants the driver a better overview and increased safety:

  • Direct Live-View in the display for use as rear view camera
  • Mirrored image: the right half of the display shows the right rear view, while the left half shows the left rear view (in the direction of driving)
  • Speed, current lap time and time gain/loss compared to the reference lap are displayed additionally

The Mirror View is included in the RN PRO and does not need be purchased separately. In order to use it, however, a Wi-Fi Dashboard and a HD camera are required. The camera is attached directly to the Wi-Fi Dashboard so that the video feed can be directly accessed.