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If you order a RN MODE for an existing device, it must be activated on your device after purchase. You will find detailed instructions for this in the following. The activation process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Only an internet connection is required. If you have purchased an RN Mode directly together with a Race Navigator, it will be activated on your device upon delivery.

Important: The following instructions only describe the activation of RN MODES that have already been purchased and activated by us. More information about the different modes and ordering options can be found in our online shop.

Activation via the Race Navigator Dashboard

Available for: all Race Navigator Systems

In this variant you activate RN MODE via the display of the Race Navigator. You do not need any further accessories. All you need is a Wi-Fi network with Internet access.

Activation via RN Connect App

Available for: RN ONE MKII, RN PRO

With this variant, you activate RN Mode via the RN Connect App on your iPhone or iPad.
This method is only available for the RN ONE (new version) and the RN PRO.

Your iPhone or iPad must have an active Internet connection for the activation process. This can be a Wi-Fi network with Internet access, or the mobile Internet access of your device.

Important: If you want to use your mobile Internet access, please note the data volume, if applicable, as the download of the current software version is done via the Internet access.

First, make sure the RN Connect app is installed on your Apple iPad or iPhone. The RN Connect app can be downloaded free of charge from the Appstore on iTunes: