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Expand the functionality of your Race Navigator

The RN MODES allow you to adjust your Race Navigator even better to your individual needs. Whether you want to compare special stages in a Rally, collect your data and video on the fly during an endurance race or just measure your car’s performance – here you will find the right RN MODE with customized features.

Select your mode:


Available for: RN LITE, RN ONE MKII, RN PRO
Included as a standard

All data and videos are automatically stored on the internal memory of the RN system and can be copied and analyzed after recording via RN ANALYZER or RN CONNECT.

In addition, the data and videos can also be copied to a USB stick using the export function. The recordings are automatically divided into individual laps depending on the track selected and saved. Recordings can be compared directly based on lap times. 

Depending on the setting, recording can be started and stopped manually or automatically depending on the speed.

Pit Lane Monitor Mode

Available for: RN LITE, RN ONE MKII, RN PRO
Optional upgrade

For the RN systems we offer the so-called Pit Lane Monitor function. In many race series there are fixed pit stop time windows which have to be kept by the teams. Failure to do so will result in time penalties, while exceeding them will also result in the loss of valuable time. Both can lead to the loss of positions in the ranking. The Pit Lane Monitor allows automatic timers to be set and thus always achieve the optimal pit stop time window. Unnecessary time penalties due to badly timed pit stops are a thing of the past!

The prescribed minimum time in the pit, the driving time from the pit to the pit lane exit and the permitted maximum speed in the pit lane can be set by the user.

Pit stop countdown: When crossing the entrance line of the pit lane, the countdown is automatically activated and shown on the display. The timer counts down the remaining time until the ideal time for the pit stop exit is reached. Color-coded markings at 20 seconds and at 5 seconds additionally warn the driver to prepare for the pit lane exit.

Time control: After leaving the box, the display shows the current time gain compared to the minimum time in the box (leaving the box too early) or the time loss (leaving the box too late). This allows the driver to make corrections in the pit lane to achieve the ideal pit stop time window.

Speed control: The display automatically shows the current speed of the car in the pit lane. Colored markings warn the driver if he approaches or exceeds the permitted maximum speed.

Entrance and exit line of the pit lane are automatically recognized for the respective track. Manual corrections by the user are possible.


Available for: RN ONE MKI, ONE MKII, RN PRO
Optional upgrade

When time is of the essence, this is the right mode to select. Whether during motorsports events with customers or during endurance races – with the Endurance/Taxi-Mode all recorded video and data are available within seconds:

Wenn When the Endurance/Taxi-Mode is selected, the Race Navigator records video and data directly to an external USB-drive that can be removed right after getting out of the cockpit. After inserting a fresh drive, the Race Navigator is immediately ready to start a new recording. This way, endurance race drivers can take their data with them after their stint, while the next driver is getting ready. This mode is also perfect for race taxi and hot lap events, where you want to give clients an USB-drive with the video of action right after getting out of the car.ten.

Optionally, the system can record video and data both to the USB-drive and to the internal storage at the same time.

Important information for using the Endurance/Taxi-Modus:

1. By default, the Endurance/Taxi mode records the lap data in the internal memory of the device and the lap video on the USB stick. To change this, go to SETTINGS -> EVENT -> TAXI/ENDURANCE -> SETTINGS. Activate one of these options:

– „Export data after recording to memory stick“ – Additionally to being recorded to the internal memory, your lap data will also be recorded to the USB stick.

– „Store video also to local drive“ – Additionally to being recorded to the USB stick, your lap video will also be recorded to the internal memory.

2. In order for the Endurace/Taxi-Mode to work properly, your USB sticks must meet all of the following minimum specifications:

– USB 3.0
– High quality USB stick from a renowned brand
– The USB-Stick should be formatted in ExFAT.

Please be advised that failure to meet any of the above requirements can result in errors while using the Endurance/Taxi-Mode.


Optional upgrade

Test your car‘s performance! With the Street Mode, you get a powerful performance and diagnostics tool. It offers fully automated tests of acceleration, braking and distance:

Acceleration test: select one of three pre-set speed ranges (0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, 0-300 km/h) or create a custom range. Optionally, a brake test can be performed directly after the acceleration test (for example 0-100-0 km/h).s

Brake test: here too, you can select out of three pre-set ranges (50-0 km/h, 100-0 km/h, 200-0 km/h) or create your own custom range.

Measure driving time for set distance. Three pre-set distances are available (1/4 mile, 1000m, 2000m) or a custom distance can be set.

A special dashboard-dialogue shows you the most important data during the test. Afterwards, you can evaluate the test data on your iPad using the RN ANALYZER App.

For each test, a separate video with a matching caption is recorded.


Optional upgrade

Do you want to have a head start in the next RCN season? Then this mode is for you! Thanks to its unique features, the RCN Mode puts an end to paper mess:

Estimate round, confirmation round, sprint round, refueling und final lap are being shown on the display automatically. This way, you always you always know in which lap you are currently in. Laps change automatically according to the governing rulebook

Real-time comparison of your current lap against the set target time

Automatic countdown-timer for refueling

Two pre-set track variants with three racing groups each: Nordschleife und 24h-race-variant


Available for: RN LITE, RN ONE MKII, RN PRO
Optional upgrade

Our systems are not only ideally suited for circuit races, but also for rallies. With the Rally-Mode, your Race Navigator becomes the perfect tool for video and data recording in this kind of motorsports. The mode offers the following features that have been developed with rally teams and drivers in mind:

Automatic video and data recording of special stages: the Race Navigator detects special stages automatically based on GPS data. Recording begins shortly before the starting line and ends after crossing the finishing line. Optionally, recording can be turned on/off manually.

Reconnaissance-Mode: During reconnaissance, the Race Navigator maps the special stages and stores them in the system, without the need for external tools or data. Alternatively, the special stages can be mapped and read into the system by using GPS-data provided by the rally organizer.

Just as in the standard mode, you can display car data like RPM or temperatures on the Race Navigator’s dashboard while driving. This is useful in many situations, for example in order to detect an impeding overheating of the engine.

All your video and data can be evaluated on the iPad immediately after getting out of the cockpit. This makes the Race Navigator a powerful tool during the entire rally, for example for the setup of the car or for comparing special stages.


Available for: RN LITE, RN ONE MKII, RN PRO
Optional upgrade

The so-called Touristenfahrten-Mode temporarily deactivates all laptiming functions of the Race Navigator. This may be necessary if the use of laptimers on a specific racetrack or during specific event is not allowed. The Touristenfahrten-Mode allows you to use your Race Navigator in compliance with such regulations.

When the Touristenfahrten-Mode is enabled, lap time, reference time and time gain/loss are not shown on the display during the drive. All live-laptiming functions are disabled. After the drive, you can analyse your laps as usual with all data and times, on both the Race Navigator and using the RN Analyzer App. Enabling and disabling of the mode is only possible when the car is at a standstill.

Optional PIN protection. This protects the mode from unauthorized deactivation. Perfect if you want to install RN systems in rental cars for your clients and disable laptiming for safety reasons.

A special dashboard shows current speed, RPM and car-specific data such as throttle position or temperatures.

Mirror View

Available for: RN PRO
Integrated as a standard (requires WiFi-Dashboard)

For the RN PRO in combination with the RN WiFi Dashboard the additional function Mirror View on is now available. With this function the display of the Race Navigator can be used as a rear view camera. Mirror View provides the driver with a better overview and thus increased safety, especially in racing vehicles whose design or safety cell only allows a limited view through the rear view mirror to the rear.

Direct Live-View in the display for use as rear view camera.

Mirrored image: the right half of the display shows the right rear view, while the left half shows the left rear view (in the direction of driving).

Speed, current lap time and time gain/loss compared to the reference lap are displayed additionally.

The Mirror View is included in the RN PRO and does not need be purchased separately. In order to use it, however, a Wi-Fi Dashboard and a HD camera are required. The camera is attached directly to the Wi-Fi Dashboard so that the video feed can be directly accessed.

Simulation Mode

Available for: RN ONE MKII, RN PRO
Optional upgrade

Train at home to be prepared for the real track! With the RN Simulation Mode you can connect your Race Navigator with the race simulation Assetto Corsa. Record your virtual laps and compare them with real laps in the RN Analyzer on your iPad or Windows PC.

Your Race Navigator shows you the time gain and loss calculated in real time compared to the reference lap, even when driving virtually. Precise GPS coordinates allow a perfect virtual representation of the real route

Compare virtual laps with each other or virtual laps with real laps from your Race Navigator. Train in the simulator and repeat your performance on the real track! The lap comparison is done in the RN Analyzer on your iPad or Windows PC

You can also compare vehicle data from the simulation with CAN data from your real vehicle (CAN connection required for Race Navigator).