Device Updates

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Our software updates improve the performance of your RN system and additional features. We highly recommend to always use your Race Navigator with the latest software version. If you encounter a problem with your device, please first make sure that that the most recent software version is installed.

The update process is quick and easy, all you need is internet access. There are two ways to install an update: using your Race Navigator’s dashboard or via the RN Connect App.

Update via the Race Navigator’s dashboard

Available for: all Race Navigator systems

With this option, you can update your device using the Race Navigator’s dashboard. You do not need any additional accessories or tools. The only requirement is a Wi-Fi network with internet access.

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  • First, please make sure that the Race Navigator is connected with the Internet through a Wi-Fi network. In order to do this, select Settings on your Race Navigator’s main dashboard:

  • On the next screen, select Network:

  • On the next screen, select Connect to Internet:

  • A list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear. Choose your network and if required, enter the password in order to connect:

  • As soon as the device is connected to the Internet, you can begin with the actual update process. In order to do so, select Settings on the main dashboard:

  • On the next screen, select Device:

  • On the next screen, select Update:

  • A new screen will appear, showing the currently updated software version. When an update is available, the text „New Version [version number] will be displayed. Select Download in order to download the newest software update. A colored bar will show download progress:

  • After the download is complete, the button Install will appear. Press it to continue:

  • A new screen will appear, showing the version number of the downloaded update. Press the button Start Update to begin the installation process:

  • The installation of the update can take a few minutes. A colored bar shows the installation progress:

  • The message “Installation finished successfully” will appear after successful completion. Your device is now equipped with the latest software version and ready for use:

Update with the RN Connect App

Available for: RN ONE MKII, RN PRO

This option allows you to control the update process with the RN Connect App on your iPhone or iPad. Updating via the Connect App is only available for the RN ONE (new version) and the RN PRO.

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  • In order to perform the update, your iPhone or iPad must have an active internet connection. This can be a Wi-Fi network with internet access or your device’s mobile internet connection. Important: If you want to use your mobile internet connection, please check your data transfer limits and costs. The the new software version will be downloaded using your internet connection.
  • Please make sure that the RN Connect App is installed on your Apple iPad or iPhone. The RN Connect App can be installed for free from the iTunes Appstore:RN APPS im Apple App Store

  • Start the RN Connect App. On the starting screen, select the RN Updates Tab, which is located in the lower right part of the screen.
  • The latest available update will be listed under Available update with its respective version number. Click on the cloud symbol to download the newest software version.
  • A red bar inside the cloud symbol will show download progress.
  • After the update has been downloaded, it will appear under the bar Downloaded update with its version number.

  • To continue the update process, you must couple your Race Navigator device with the RN Connect App. You have two possibilities for this:
  • Option 1:: Connect your Race Navigator to the same Wi-Fi network that your iPad or iPhone is connected to. If you don’t know how to connect your Race Navigator to your Wi-Fi network, please read the first steps in the “Update via the Race Navigator’s dashboard” section above.
  • Option 2: Use your Race Navigator’s wireless access point. In order to do so, select Settings on your Race Navigator’s dashboard:

  • Next, select Network:

  • On the next screen, click on AP MODE. Your Race Navigator will now create its own Wi-Fi network. The name of the network is displayed at the top of the screen under Network (for example RNPRO-10_AP). Connect your iPad or iPhone to this network:

  • After successfully completing option 1 or 2 your Race Navigator will be connected with the RN Connect App. For the next steps, please return to the App:

  • In the RN Connect App, select the RN Devices tab, which is located in the bottom left part of the screen. A list of all Race Navigators connected to the App will appear. Find the Race Navigator that you want to update and click on the Settings bar next to it. In the next screen, select Device Status.
  • In the Device Status screen, look for “Software update” to see the currently downloaded software update with its respective version number. Click Update to version [Version number] to start the update.

  • A new window will appear, asking you if you want to install the update. Confirm by clicking on YES. Please first make sure that your Race Navigator is connected to a power supply. Otherwise, the update may fail to start or the installation may be cancelled during the process. During the update process, the Race Navigator may reboot several times on its own.
  • After the Race Navigator has been updated successfully, you can delete the software update from your iPad or iPhone to save memory. To do so, return to the RN Updates Tab located in the lower right part of the app’s screen. Below the bar Downloaded Update, the update is listed with its version number. Click on Delete in order to remove it from your iPad or iPhone.