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Each Race Navigator model has a comprehensive manual with all essential information on installation, handling and available features. Apart from device manuals, you will find instructions for the analysis software RN Analyzer and the RN Connect App as well as quick guides on OBD2 and CAN-Bus connections.

RN PRO - User Manual


RN LITE, RN ONE und RN PRO have comprehensive manuals containing all information regarding these devices:

RN LITE Manual (3,7 MB) »

RN ONE Manual – English (5,3 MB) »

RN ONE Manual – German (5,2 MB) »

RN PRO Manual (6,1 MB) »

RN LIVE Telemetry Manual

Die latest version of the manual for the RN LIVE Telemetry Module:

RN Telemetry Manual (3,4 MB) »

RN Apps Manuals

The RN Analyzer und RN Connect apps have their own manuals that you can download here:

RN Analyzer Manual (3,1 MB) »

RN Connect Manual (4,0 MB) »

Quick Guides

These quick guides will help you to connect your Race Navigator to your car‘s OBD2 or CAN-Bus port:

RN Quick Guide OBD2»

RN Quick Guide CAN-Bus»