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Available for: RN ONE MKII, RN PRO

With the Tire Pressure Monitoring System you can display tire pressure while driving, record and evaluate it. The system is compatible with the RN ONE MKII and the RN PRO. The tire pressure data can be displayed separately for each wheel during the drive.


Display and record tire pressure with the Race Navigator

The tire pressure data is not only displayed while driving, but also recorded by the Race Navigator and is available in the RN Analyzer for evaluation after the drive. Adjustable optimum ranges and individually definable thresholds for warnings for each wheel ensure that you are informed in time about potential problems, e.g. overheating or potential tire damage. A continuous control during the ride is also possible in combination with our RN LIVE Telemetry.

The TPMS sensors replace the original valve of the tire. A handy receiver unit reads the sensor data wirelessly and forwards them to the Race Navigator via the CAN connection.

The RN TPMS is available in ready-to-use kits, both for use in street-legal Cars (Trackday version) and in racing cars (Racing version). You can order the kit with either 4, 8 or 12 sensors. This makes it possible to equip several sets of tires with the sensors at the same time. It is also possible to reorder any number of sensors. The kits also include the receiver unit with connection cable as well as a loom for trackday/racing use. Only the RN CAN cable 12V, which is required for use, must be ordered separately if you do not already have it.

Note on CAN speed: The CAN speed of the TPMS receiver unit is set to 1 MBit/s by default and is delivered like this. A change to 500 kBit/s is possible, but must be programmed before delivery. Please indicate when ordering if the CAN Speed is to be programmed to 500 kBit/s. This is important if the Race Navigator is also to be connected to the vehicle CAN bus and the vehicle has a CAN Speed of 500 kBit/s. Most current vehicles have a CAN speed of 1 MBit/s.


  • Tire pressure data are shown on the RN display during the drive
  • Adjustable optimum ranges for tire pressure (visual feedback – colors)
  • Adjustable thresholds for warnings, separately for each tire
  • Recording and evaluation of data in the RN Analyzer (for iPad and Windows PCs)
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